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My name is David Drew Knight and I am running to represent the people of Nevada in the United States Senate. 

I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio into a blue collar family. I am the grandson of a West Virginia coal miner. Several of my family members were lifelong Union members in the automotive industry. I have worked in the service industry and construction trades most of of my life. With the growing wealth and wage inequality, the need for working class representation in this country could not be more crucial.

I moved to Reno, Nevada as a teenager in 1981. I went on to spend two years at Truckee Meadows Community College before transferring to the University of Nevada, Reno, where I received my Bachelors Degree.

As a representative in the U.S. Senate, I will vigorously pursue policies that will benefit all Nevadans. I will aggressively support a Single-Payer healthcare system by expanding Medicare to include every single man, woman and child in the state. I do not believe any person should have to go without healthcare. We will negotiate better prescription rates with pharmaceutical companies. These policies will save the state hundreds of millions of dollars.

One of the most important issues over the next few years will be making sure that the Republicans do not get to appoint another Supreme Court Justice. We must prevent this from happening at all costs.

The State of Nevada has the opportunity to become a true powerhouse in the Clean Energy Revolution. We have three hundred days of sunshine every year and we should take advantage of this fact. Instead of importing nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in fossil fuels for electricity every year, we should be creating great, high paying jobs here in the state producing our own clean energy.

Please join me, Drew Knight, in creating a government and an economy which works for ALL of US.


Committee to Elect David Drew Knight
1969 Hamilton Ave. Carson City, NV 89706
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