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 We will be starting our campaign with a few key issues that we feel are important to all Nevadans. As we continue forward, many more issues will be addressed. Please stay tuned.


 We have the potential to vastly improve our economy through the development of clean energy and other high tech industries. Building an economy with a strong focus on solar and high tech will not only create tens of thousands of well-paying jobs here in Nevada, but will help create a buffer that will help reduce the disastrous effects of the next recession.


Solar Energy

We currently send around 700,000 million dollars a year out of state for fossil fuels energy. Imagine the potential economic growth if we could keep all of that money here in Nevada!!!


Nevada's education system currently ranks at the bottom of nearly every single category in the country. It is time to step up for our children's future.


Single-Payer Healthcare will save us money. Plain and simple. It also provides the added benefit of every man, woman and child receiving the best possible care.

Jobs, Unions, Living Wage

Creating tens of thousands of well paid jobs in the clean energy sector will help create a solid economy for decades.

Supporting the Working Class and Unions is crucial to a thriving economy.

Money in Politics

One of the worst decisions ever made by the Supreme Court was allowing unlimited money into our election process. We must find a way to overturn Citizens United.

Environment and Climate

The EPA is facing more budget cuts at a time when we should be doing more in the face of climate change. We have to deal with this issue in a bold manner.

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